Your Responsibilities

It is important to understand what your responsibilities are as a tenant. Once you’ve been accepted by the landlord, we will take you through the remaining process and paperwork to ensure a smooth application.

When you become a tenant, you take on certain responsibilities for the property. Your tenancy agreement will detail everything you need to know which we encourage you to read carefully and thoroughly, however below we have highlighted some of the key points to be aware of.

Rent: This is one of your biggest responsibilities as a tenant. As part of your tenancy agreement, you agree to pay your rent on time each month. Defaulting in rental payments could damage your deposit and future tenancies.

Bills: Depending on your agreement and unless stated otherwise, it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay bills, this includes all utilities such as gas, water and electricity. In addition, you will usually also have to pay Council Tax, TV license as well as other incidentals including telephone bills, subscriptions such as Sky or broadband.

Looking after the property: Ultimately it is the tenant’s responsibility to look after the property on a day to day basis, including the cleanliness of the carpets, walls, bathroom and kitchen appliances. You must also ensure there is no damage to the furnishings if the property came furnished, report any repairs or damages to the landlord or managing agent, replace light bulbs if required and check smoke alarms are working. Additional responsibilities include correctly disposing of rubbish and keeping to the terms of the agreement in regard to smoking, parking and keeping the garden tidy.

Moving out: It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the property is returned to its original state. We always recommend having the property professionally cleaned upon exit to ensure that the deposit is returned in full. The tenant’s belongings should be removed from the property and all that should be left are fixtures and furnishings that were in the property when you moved in.

For more information and to help you through the process our dedicated lettings team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.


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